Our ‘new school’ management consultancy ensures accelerated realization of impact ambitions. Our approach is effective through the combination of servant leadership combined with a hands-on approach and substantive knowledge and skills. In our methods, the value of health is interconnected with happiness, sustainability and social responsibility. We work look closely at theories such as the Theory of Change, Impact Value Chain, Spiral dynamics and Theory U.

Certifications, codes and instruments

You intend to move forward regarding specification certifcations, a code or a measurement instrument but you lack the time and or knowledge. We can assist you through the following:
  • B-Corp
  • CSR 26000
  • Social Enterprises Code
  • ISO 14000
  • ISO Circular
  • Integrated Health Management
  • Buying social

Customized services

Our multidisciplinary team of driven consultants / entrepreneurs will be able to customize your demands. Thanks to our mix of expertise, we are able to facilitate our customers, regardless of the phase your company finds itself in! From concept development, initiation to operationalization, we provide impact-oriented acceleration. We offer this for fellow entrepreneurs within the sectors (pre-)care, social network, education, short chain, mindfulness and compassion, energy and water.

More information

Feel free to contact us with any questions or advice on +31 10 – 26 60 876 or fill in the contact form.